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Pop-up Settings


1. Pop-up position

Specify the position of the pop-up on the website page. There are five modes for the pop-up position. The middle mode is recommended.

pop up position in mc wishlist plugin


2. Pop-up size

Specify the size of the pop-up. There are two modes, small and large. In large mode, you can use the product photo to pop up.


3. Use featured image for pop up

Instead of any other image, the plugin uses a product index image if you enable this item.


4. Pop-up image

If you disable Use featured image for pop-up, you can add any image you want to show on your pop-up.


5. Pop up image size

Depending on your theme style, you should examine different sizes in this part and select the most beautiful one.


6. Pop-up title

Change the title of the pop-up. Also, you can use the default text: “Added to Wishlist.”

You can use the following suggested titles:

  • Your favorite product is on the wishlist.
  • You have a wishlist now.
  • Saved to your wishlist.
pop up title and content for mc wishlist plugin


7. Pop-up content

Change the content of the pop-up. Also, you can use the default text: “See your favorite product in Wishlist.”

You can use the following suggested contents:

  • Go to Wishlist
  • To see your favorites, go to the Wishlist page.


8. Add a pop-up button.

These settings are related to the pop-up button. You can consider more than one button for your pop-up. Click the “Add new button” to define more.

You can also change the button’s text from the default “view my Wishlist” to everything you want.

Text and button colors, as well as text and button hover color, can be changed.

ad pop up button feature of mc wishlist plugin


9. Pop-up style

You can change the pop-up style, such as border color and pop-up background color.
(Avoid choosing colors that do not match the theme.)

pop up style of mc wishlist plugin
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