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Pop-up Settings

The “Popup Settings” section of the MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin allows you to customize the appearance and behavior of the wishlist pop-up that appears when a customer clicks on the “Add to Wishlist” button. This section includes several settings that give you control over the size, content, and appearance of the pop-up.

1. Pop-up size #

This setting allows you to determine the size of your Pop Up. There are two options available: Small and Large. If you choose Large, you will be able to use the Product photo for your Pop Up. The Pop-up size you choose will depend on your personal preferences and what you think will work best for your customers.


2. Use featured image for pop up #

If you enable this setting, the featured image of the product will be displayed in the Pop Up. This feature is perfect for showcasing your products and making them more appealing to customers.


3. Pop-up image size #

In this setting, you can choose the size of the images that will be displayed in the Pop Up. You can choose from thumbnail, medium, large, or manual. If you choose manual, you can enter the specific dimensions you want (up to a maximum of 400 x 400 pixels).


4. Pop-up title #

This setting allows you to select the title of the Pop Up. By default, the plugin will provide a pre-written title which you can choose to use. Alternatively, you can personalize your title using placeholders such as {product_name} or {product_price}.

You can use the following suggested titles:

  • Your favorite product is on the wishlist.
  • You have a wishlist now.
  • Saved to your wishlist.


5. Pop-up content #

This setting allows you to select the content of your Pop Up. Again, there is a pre-written default text that you can use, or you can personalize your content using HTML, text, or placeholders like {product_name} or {product_price}.

You can use the following suggested contents:

  • Go to Wishlist
  • To see your favorites, go to the Wishlist page.


6. Add pop-up button. #

This setting allows you to create one or more buttons to be added to your Pop Up. You can use these buttons to direct your customers to specific pages on your website or to complete a specific action (such as adding the item to their cart). These buttons can be customized with personalized text and colors to match your branding.

You can consider more than one button for your pop-up. Click the “Add new button” to define more.


9. Pop-up appearance #

This setting redirects you to the Global Settings of the plugin, where you can customize the appearance of the wishlist pop-up and other aspects of the plugin.

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Updated on May 22, 2023