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Optimizing Wishlist Icon Visibility with Z-Index Adjustment

What is Z-index? #

Imagine a webpage as a stack of photos. The ‘z-index’ is like deciding which photo is on top. A higher z-index means it’s on top and can be seen easily. Adjusting it helps ensure things show up where you want them on a webpage, similar to arranging pictures in a stack. If the wishlist button gets hidden behind others, changing its z-index brings it to the front, making it visible and easy to click – just like picking the right button on the table.

in other words, the z-index property determines the order in which elements are stacked on top of each other in the z-axis. Elements with a higher z-index value appear in front of elements with a lower value, creating a layered effect on the webpage.

In what situations do we need to change the z-index on our website for the wishlist button? #

  1. Overlap Issues: The wishlist button overlaps with other elements on the product page, such as buttons, images, or text.
  2. Visibility Challenges: The wishlist button may be obscured by other elements, making it less noticeable to users.
  3. Responsive Design Challenges: In responsive designs, the wishlist button might not align properly with other elements on different screen sizes.
  4. Theme and Plugin Compatibility: Some themes or plugins may introduce conflicting styles that affect the wishlist button’s display.
  5. Customization Requirements: Merchants or developers may want to customize the appearance and behavior of the wishlist button to better suit their website’s design.
  6. User Experience Enhancement: Improve the overall user experience by making the wishlist button more accessible and intuitive.

How to change Z-index for the WooCommerce Wishlist icon? #

To modify the z-index of wishlist icons in the MoreConvert Lists plugin, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Locate the Custom CSS Editor in MoreConvert Plugin:

  • Access the MoreConvert Lists plugin settings in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to the “Global Settings” section.
  • Look for the “Appearance” tab and find the “Additional CSS” section.


2. Input below CSS snippet:

Within the Additional CSS section, input the following CSS code:

.wlfmc-top-of-image { z-index : 2 !important}


this code, is like giving special instructions to a particular button on a website – let’s call it the Wishlist button. Here’s a breakdown:

  1.  `.wlfmc-top-of-image`: This is like a name tag for the Wishlist button, saying, “Hey, Wishlist button, pay attention to this!”
  2. `{ z-index: 2 !important }`: This part is the actual instruction. It’s saying, “Wishlist button, position yourself at the top, as the second layer in our stack of webpage elements. And don’t let anything change this, no matter what!”

If the Wishlist button is being too dominant, covering up other important things on the website, this code helps by giving the button a more noticeable position. Additionally, if there are situations where the Wishlist button is too assertive and needs to take a step back, we can adjust the z-index accordingly. It’s all about finding the right balance, much like arranging photos on a table – ensuring each element has its place without overshadowing the others. In the world of web design, tweaking the z-index is a simple but powerful way to create a harmonious and user-friendly experience.

Whether it’s overcoming issues of overlap or ensuring visibility, this code is a solution. It’s like directing the Wishlist button to be in a prominent spot, making it easy for users to find and click on.


3. Save and Apply the Changes:

Now save settings and preview your website to see the updated positioning of the WooCommerce wishlist icon.




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Updated on December 4, 2023
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