MC Lists Documentation

Display Settings

1. Enable wishlist for

You can make the wishlist visible only to members or all your website users. It is better to activate the wishlist for all users to encourage people to buy or signup for the website.


2. Require log in or register

You have two choices here:

  1. Get people to log in or sign up to use the wishlist.
  2. Everyone can use the wishlist.

Tip: People like to get things done quickly, so anything that wastes their time will prevent them from continuing the process.


3. After clicking the button

Choose what happens after your user clicks the Add to wishlist button:

  1. Open the pop-up: A pop-up will open to set custom buttons/buttons to guide the user.
  1. Add it to the wishlist: The product will be added to the wishlist, and the user will stay on the same page.
  1. Add and redirect to the wishlist page: The product will be added to the wishlist, and the user will direct to the wishlist page.


4. Remove after the second click

This option makes users’ job easy to delete products exactly from the same page and doesn’t bother them to go to the wishlist to change it.


5. Show for out-of-stock

You can display the “Add to Wishlist” button for out-of-stuck products by enabling this feature.

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