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Caching Optimization & Performance Improvements

caching optimization and performance improvements mc woocommerce wishlist plugin


This Section is for improving the speed and functionality of the MC Lists plugin. Adjust these settings based on your own caching plugin, hosting, and server configuration.


1. Types of Ajax operations: #

This setting allows you to choose the type of AJAX operation that the plugin should use when communicating with your server. There are three options available:

  • wp loaded hook: This option uses a WordPress-specific hook to trigger the AJAX request.
  • wp rest api: This option makes use of the WordPress REST API to send AJAX requests.
  • admin-ajax.php: This option sends AJAX requests directly to the admin-ajax.php file on your server.


2. Show loading Ajax operations: #

Enabling this feature will display a loader animation when AJAX requests are being sent by the plugin. This can be helpful if your website is loading slowly and you want to provide feedback to your users that something is happening in the background.


3. Cache protection: #

If you have a caching plugin or hosting caching enabled on your website, this option can help ensure that the plugin functions correctly. Enabling this option tells the plugin to bypass any caching mechanisms that might interfere with its functionality, so it can work as intended. If you’re experiencing issues with the plugin not working correctly, activating this option may help resolve those issues.

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Updated on May 21, 2023