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Single Product Page #



1. Button position in Product Page

You can choose between a variety of options for how to display the wishlist button on your product page.

  • Before “add to cart.” form.
  • After ”add to cart.” form
  • Before “add to cart.” button
  • After “add to cart.” button
  • On Image – Top Left
  • On Image Top Right
  • On Image – Bottom Left
  • On Image – Bottom Right
  • After summary (not recommended)
  • Use shortcode

button postitios of mc wishlist plugin in single product page

2. Button type

Choose from the three types of buttons below:

  •  Icon only
  •  Text only
  •  Icon and text

3.  Default button style

If you want the button appearance to match your theme automatically, please enable this option.

4.  Button Icon

You can choose your button icon in 3 options.

  • Heart Icon
  • Save Icon
  • Your Custom Icon (.svg)

5.  Icon Style

If you wish to change the style of your wishlist icon, you can personalize wishlist icon here.

6.  Button Colors

Here you can change button colors as you wish. Options are for Background Colors and Border Colors.

7.  Button Sizes

You can change the icon font size and button line height using these options here.

8.  Button Tooltip Styles

By enabling this feature, a tooltip box will appear when you hover on “Add to Wishlist” button.
You can also customize this tooltip style.

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