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Waitlist Counter Shortcodes

Waitlist Counter Shortcodes #

The Waitlist Counter Shortcodes provide you with flexible options to customize the appearance of the Waitlist counter on your website. Utilize these shortcodes to tailor the counter’s display, text, and functionality to suit your preferences.


Shortcode: #


This shortcode loads the content of the “waitlist-counter.php” template from the plugin’s “templates” folder, enabling the Waitlist counter to be seamlessly integrated into your website.


Shortcode Attributes: #

♦ Show Icon Counter

show_icon (string)

Controls the display of the Waitlist counter icon.

    • true: Show the Waitlist counter icon.
    • false: Hide the Waitlist counter icon.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter show_icon="false"]




♦ Waitlist button link

show_button (string)

Enables or disables the Waitlist button link in the mini-waitlist.

    • true: Enable Waitlist button link.
    • false: Disable Waitlist button link.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter show_button="false"]


♦ Total Product Text

show_totals (string)

Displays or hides the “Total Products” text in the mini-waitlist.

    • true: Shows the total products text.
    • false: Hides the total products text.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter show_totals="false"]



♦ Show Product List on Hover

show_list_on_hover (string)

Enables or disables the option to show the product list on mouse hover over the Waitlist counter.

    • true: Shows the product list on hover.
    • false: Doesn’t show the product list on hover.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter show_list_on_hover="false"]



♦ Show Waitlist Counter Text

show_text (string)

Enables or disables the feature to display custom text beside your Waitlist counter icon.

    • true: Enables custom Waitlist counter text.
    • false: Disables Waitlist counter text.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter show_text="false"]



♦ Show the Number of Products in Counter

show_counter (string)

Enables or disables showing how many products are added to users’ waitlist.

    • true: Shows the number of products in the counter.
    • false: Hides the number of products in the counter.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter show_counter="false"]




♦ Show Mini-Waitlist Products

show_products (string)

Allows you to show or hide Mini-Waitlist products.

    • true: Shows products in mini-waitlist.
    • false: Hides products in mini-waitlist.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter show_products="false"]




♦ Show Products as Dropdown

dropdown_products (string)

Choose to display products as a dropdown or a visible list in the Mini-Waitlist.

    • true: Show as dropdown (on hover or click).
    • false: Show as a visible list.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter dropdown_products="false"]




♦ Hide Zero Products Number

hide_zero_products_number (string)

Set this option to show or hide the zero number of products in your Waitlist when no products are present.

  • true: Hides zero product number.
  • false: Show zero product number.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter hide_zero_products_number="false"]

♦ Add Link for Waitlist Counter Title

add_link_title (string)

Add a Waitlist Page link to the counter title by enabling this option.

    • true: Enables Waitlist counter title link.
    • false: Disables Waitlist counter title link.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter add_link_title="false"]


♦ Waitlist Counter Text

counter_text (string)

Type your desired text for displaying beside your Waitlist counter icon.
The default text is: “Waitlist -“.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter counter_text="Waitlist -"]




♦ Mini Waitlist Button Text

button_text (string)

Edit your custom text for the mini-waitlist button.

The default text is “View my Waitlist”.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter button_text="View My Waitlist"]




♦ “Total Products” Text

total_text (string)

Change the “Total Products” text in the mini-waitlist. The default text is “Total Products”.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter total_text="Total products"]

♦ Product Number Positions

products_number_position (string)

Decide whether the counter number appears on the left or right side of the text, or on the top right or top left of the icon.

    • right: Right side of the text.
    • left: Left side of the text.
    • top-right: On the icon – top right.
    • top-left: On the icon – top left.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter products_number_position="top-left"]




♦ Waitlist Link Position

waitlist_link_position (string)

Choose the position of the “View My Waitlist” button in the mini-waitlist dropdown, whether it displays before or after products.

    • after: After products.
    • before: Before products.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter waitlist_link_position="after"]




♦ Maximum Products in Mini-Waitlist

per_page (int)

Type the maximum number of products to display in the mini-waitlist.

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter per_page="20"]


♦ Empty Counter Icon

empty_icon (string)

Choose your empty counter icon.

Options include default icons or insert your custom SVG icon.

  • notification-1
  • notification-2
  • notification-3
  • notification-4-light
  • notification-4-regular
  • notification-5-light
  • notification-5-regular
  • notification-6-light
  • notification-6-regular
  • notification-7-light
  • notification-7-regular
  • custom

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter empty_icon="notification-4-regular"]




♦ Counter Icon with Added Products

has_item_icon (string)

Choose your counter icon with added items.

Options include default added icons or insert your custom SVG icon.

  • notification-1-o
  • notification-2-o
  • notification-3-o
  • notification-4-light-o
  • notification-4-regular-o
  • notification-5-light-o
  • notification-5-regular-o
  • notification-6-light-o
  • notification-6-regular-o
  • notification-7-light-o
  • notification-7-regular-o
  • custom

Example: [wlfmc_waitlist_counter has_item_icon="pin-o"]


♦ Icon Font

icon_prefix_class (string)

If you want to choose another icon font for your counter icons, you can change its prefix using this option.

To use other fonts, you should add your theme’s style file and font files to your theme. These shortcodes only replace classes, not the fonts themselves.

use font awesome for icon sample:

[wlfmc_waitlist_counter icon_prefix_class="fas fa-"]

clear prefix and use prefix in empty_icon and has_item_icon sample:

[wlfmc_waitlist_counter icon_prefix_class=" " empty_icon="fas fa-heart"  has_item_icon="fas fa-heart-o"]



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