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Pop-up Settings

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popup settings  

1. Pop-up Position #

There are 5 modes for the location of the pop-up that is displayed to the user when removing the product from the cart.
  • Middle
  • Down left
  • Down Right
  • Top left
  • Top Right
  popup position    

2. Button Sizes #

In this section, you can set the width, height, and border radius for the buttons in the pop-up.   button size    

3. Button Colors #

This section allows you to change the color of the text and the background of the pop-up buttons and make it your desired style.   button colors    

4. Pop-up Box Style #

Using this option, you can adjust the styles of the pop-up, which includes the following items, and change it to your desired style.
  • Icon Background Color
  • Icon Color
  • Background Color
  • Border Color
  • Border Radius
  popup box style


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Updated on April 17, 2023