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How to customize toast notification for ‘Add To List’?

A toast notification is a brief message that appears on the screen to provide users with feedback or alert them to a specific event. Toast notifications are non-intrusive, appearing momentarily and then fading away, ensuring a seamless user experience.



Customizing Toast Notifications #

By activating this option, you gain the ability to personalize the appearance of toast notifications specifically related to “Add to List” actions. This customization applies to both success and error messages.


Customization Options

When this option is enabled, you can tailor the following aspects of toast notifications:

  1. Success Color (Text):
    • Define the color of the text for success messages.
  2. Success Background Color:
    • Choose the background color for success messages.
  3. Error Color (Text):
    • Set the color of the text for error messages.
  4. Error Background Color:
    • Specify the background color for error messages.
  5. Position:
    • Select the position of the toast notification from a dropdown menu with seven options:
      • Default
      • Top Right
      • Top Left
      • Bottom Right
      • Bottom Left
      • Top Center
      • Bottom Center

These customization options empower you to align the appearance of toast notifications with your website’s design and enhance the user experience during the “Add to List” process.



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Updated on December 23, 2023