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button settings  

1. Button position #

From this section, you can change the position of the Save for Later button and set it to one of the following modes:
  • Under product name
  • Next to remove icon
  • Shortcode
  button position    

2. Button type #

You can set the type of Save for Later button to one of the following three modes from this section.
  •  Icon only
  •  Text only
  •  Icon and text
  button type    

3.  Default button style #

If you want the appearance of the button to automatically match the active theme on your site, enable this option.   default button style    

4.  Button Icon #

From this section you can choose one of the 8 ready icons for the button, or you can upload your own icon.
  • Icon 1
  • Icon 2
  • Icon 3
  • Icon 4
  • Icon 5
  • Icon 6
  • Icon 7
  • Icon 8
  • Your Custom Icon (.svg)
  button icon    

5.  Icon Style #

From this section, you can change the font and color of the icon of the Save for Later button.   icon style    

6.  Button Colors #

Here you can change button colors as you wish. Options are for Background Colors and Border Colors.   button colors    

7.  Button Sizes #

You can change the icon font size and button line height using these options here.   button sizes    

8.  Button Tooltip Styles #

By activating this option, a tooltip will be added for the Save for Later button, which you can customize after activation. Note that this option can be used in Icon only mode.   button tooltip style    

9. Remove reduction Pop-up #

By enabling this option, when the user clicks on the delete product option, a pop-up will be displayed to the user asking if you want to add the product to Save for Later before deleting.   save for later popup  

10. Enable Save all for later button #

By activating this option, the “Save all for later” button is activated on the card page for the user, and the user can transfer all products to the Save for Later list at once with this button. It is recommended to activate this option because most of the time people don’t have enough patience to add a single. By activating this option, you can set the settings related to the style of the “Save all for later” button, which includes the following three sections.
  • Text style
  • Button colors
  • Button sizes
  save all for later settings  
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Updated on April 17, 2023