MC Lists Documentation

Display Settings

mc lists Display Settings


1. Enable Multi-List #

By activating this option, the multilist feature will be activated for your site and products.

2. Enable Multi-List For #

You can choose which category of users the multilist is active for. Only users who have logged in to the site, or for all users.

Of course, it is better that the multilist is active for all users so that users are encouraged to buy and also enjoy using the site after seeing the facilities of your site.

3. Require Login Or Register #

By enabling this option, you force users to register or log in to use the multilist. If this option is disabled, it means that all users can use it and do not need to register or login.

It is better to disable this option because registration takes time and may discourage the user from purchasing and continuing the process.

4. Show For Out-Of-Stock #

By activating this option, it becomes possible to use the multilist for products that are not available in the stock.

It is recommended to enable this option so that users has more freedom when creating their multilist.


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