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How to Change Users’ Wishlist Info in WooCommerce Using WordPress User Switching

Suppose a product is wrong in the user’s wishlist. What can you do if you do not have access to the user? The best thing to do is change user’s wishlist info using WordPress user switching.

The User Switching plugin for WordPress is a useful tool that allows admins to switch users in WordPress between different user accounts without logging out. This can be particularly handy for testing purposes or for quickly checking on something from another user’s perspective.

In this post, we’ll go over how to install and use the User Switching plugin, as well as how to switch back to the admin account. All to figure out how to edit users’ wishlists.


Install WordPress User Switching Plugin #

To install the WooCommerce User Switching plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress site as an administrator.
  2. Go to the Plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard.
  3. Click the “Add New” button.
  4. In the search field, type “user switching” and hit enter.
  5. The User Switching plugin should appear in the search results. Click the “Install Now” button.

    WordPress User Switching Plugin
    Snapshot of User Switching Plugin on WordPress Repository


  6. Once the plugin has finished installing, click the “Activate” button.


User Switching in WordPress Wishlist Plugin Without Logging Out #

In this guide we are using MC Wishlist as it has great integrity with the User switching plugin. To switch to another user account without logging out, follow these steps:

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, go to the Users menu.
    User Switching in WordPress Without Logging Out
  2. Find the user you want to switch to and hover over their name.
  3. A “Switch To” link should appear. Click this link
    Switch Users in WordPress
  4. You will be logged out of the admin account and logged in as the selected user. Now easily switch users in wordpress.
  5. At this stage, you can enter the user’s wishlist page by clicking on the wishlist option.
    User Switching in WordPress Wishlist Plugin
  6. On this page, you can remove any product you want from the user’s wishlist.
    Change Users Wishlist Info Using WordPress User Switching


Also, to add or remove products, you can enter the products page and click on the add to wishlist button for the product you want. If you want to remove it, click on the remove from wishlist button.

Change Users Wishlist Info Using WordPress User Switching


How to Switch Back to Admin Account #

1. Using Toolbar

To return to admin mode, just go to the toolbar section and hover over the account, and click on “Switch back to admin”. This is the easiest way to back switch users in wordpress.

Switch Back to Admin Account Using Toolbar


2. From WordPress Dashboard

To return to the admin account through the dashboard, first go to the dashboard and click on the notification at the top of the page as shown in the image.

Switch Back to Admin Account From WordPress Dashboard


3. From Login Page

If you enter the login page after switching the account, you can also return to the admin account from this section.

Switch Back to Admin Account From Login Page


Summary #

The User Switching plugin is a useful tool for admins that allows for quick and easy switch users in wordpress between user accounts without logging out.

To install the plugin, go to the Plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard and search for “user switching.”

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can switch to another user account by going to the Users menu and clicking the “Switch To” link next to the desired user.

To switch back to the admin account, follow the same steps and select the admin account from the Users menu.

Wishlist Info Before and After Changing with WordPress User Switching


To manage users’ wishlists with the WordPress User Switching plugin, you must switch to the desired user’s account through the users page. Then add any product you want to the user’s wish list or remove from the user’s wish list from the wish list page or the products page.

That’s it. I hope you completely learn everything about WordPress user switching and how to edit users wishlists in your WooCommerce store. If you have any idea, don’t bother to ask. we’re here to help.


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