MC Lists Documentation


1. Automation Name:

You can choose a custom name for your automation email. This name will be displayed only in your Email Automations dashboard.


2. Is Active:

Only this email will be activated as active email automation by enabling this option. All other emails in the queue will be automatically deleted.


3. From “Name”:

Enter your brand name or any name you want to display as the email sender.


4. From “Email Address”:

Enter your email address.


5. Email Template:

Choose which type of email to send: HTML, Plain, or your personalized MC Template.


Email Templete : MC Template

This is a custom MC template, so you can create a personalized email template.

1. Logo:

Place your brand/company logo here.


2. Avatar:

You can place your email avatar here.


3. Email Sender Full Name:

Here you can insert email senders’ full name.


4. Role of email sender:

Insert the role of the email sender.


5. Social Media Links:

In these fields, you can place email senders’ social media addresses.



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