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Add To Save For Later Shortcode

The Add To Save For Later Shortcode is a versatile button that can be seamlessly integrated into the cart page using hooks. This button allows users to move items from their cart to the Save For Later list with ease.

To implement this shortcode, you need to integrate it within the product loop on your cart or product pages using hooks. Extract the cart_item_key value from the loop and include it when adding the shortcode. Without providing the cart_item_key, the button won’t function as expected.

Ensure you obtain the cart_item_key dynamically from your product loop to accurately identify and move the desired item to the “Save For Later” list. Failure to include the cart_item_key may result in the button not displaying correctly or functioning as intended.


Shortcode: #


Customize the appearance of the “Save Cart For Later” button with the following attributes.


Shortcode Attributes: #

♦ Cart Item Key

cart_item_key (string)

Specifies which specific item from the cart should be moved to the “Save For Later” list. This key is essential for identifying a particular product in the cart.


  • true: Use custom SVG icons.
  • false: Use default icons.


[wlfmc_add_to_save_for_later cart_item_key="specific_item_key"]



♦ Button Type

button_type (string)

Determines the type of button to display.


  • text: text only.
  • icon: icon only.
  • both: both icon and text.



[wlfmc_add_to_save_for_later button_type="both"]


♦ Enable Tooltip

enable_tooltip (string)

Enables or disables the button tooltip feature.

  • true: Enables the button tooltip.
  • false: Disables the button tooltip.


[wlfmc_add_to_save_for_later enable_tooltip="true"]



♦ Tooltip Direction

tooltip_direction (string)

Specifies the direction of the tooltip of the button.


  • top
  • bottom
  • left
  • right



[wlfmc_add_to_save_for_later tooltip_direction="top"]


♦ Separate Icon And Text

separate_icon_and_text (string)

Determines whether the icon and text should be separated by a vertical line.

  • true: Separates the icon and text.
  • false: Disables the separation of icon and text.



[wlfmc_add_to_save_for_later separate_icon_and_text="false"]


♦ Button Theme

button_theme (string)

Specifies whether to use the default theme button style or a custom button style.

  • true: Uses the default theme button style.
  • false: Uses a customized button style.



[wlfmc_add_to_save_for_later button_theme="true"]



♦ Use SVG Icon

is_svg_icon (string)

Enables or disables the use of custom SVG icons.

  • true: Uses custom SVG icons.
  • false: Uses default icons.



[wlfmc_add_to_save_for_later is_svg_icon="true" icon='your custom svg']


♦ Icon

icon (string)

Specifies the icon to be used.


  • sfl-1
  • sfl-2
  • sfl-3
  • sfl-8
  • sfl-9-light
  • sfl-9-regular
  • sfl-10-light
  • sfl-10-regular
  • sfl-14-light
  • sfl-14-regular



[wlfmc_add_to_save_for_later icon="sfl-1"]



♦ Icon Prefix Class

icon_prefix_class (string)

Specifies the icon font class prefix for customization.



[wlfmc_add_to_save_for_later icon_prefix_class="fas fa-"]




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Updated on January 18, 2024