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This page allows you to edit your emails. By entering this page, you will be able to view your emails and edit them if needed.

2.1. Email MC Template #

If you are using the MC template, a window will appear at the bottom of the Email Template section. This window contains the general settings for the MC template, including options to modify your logo, avatar.


1. Email Subject #

From this section, you can change the subject of each email.

2. Email Template #

In this section, you have the option to modify the email template and select your preferred design for emails. The available templates include:

  • Plain
  • HTML Woocommerce
  • Simple Template

MC Template and other settings.

2.1.1. Logo

You can change the email logo from this section.

2.1.2. Avatar

From this section, you can change the image of the email sender.

2.1.3. Email sender full name

From this section, you can specify the name of the email sender.

2.1.4. Role of email sender

In this section, you can write the role of the person who sends the email.

2.1.5. Social link

In this section, you can specify the link of your social networks to be added to the email.

You can select and add links to the following networks:

  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • Whatsapp
  • Dribbble
  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • Behance
  • Location
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

2.1.6. Social link style

From this section, you can change the shape, size and color of social network icons.

In this section, you can choose the shape of the icons from the following six modes:

  • Default
  • Circle
  • Outlined circle
  • Outlined square
  • Square
  • Square rounded

You can also choose the color of the icons from the following three modes:

  • Black
  • Color
  • Gray

2.1.7. Open link in new tab

If you check this option, when the user clicks on the link in the email, the link will open in a new page.

3. Email Heading #

From this section, you can set the email headers.

4. Email Plain/HTML Content #

This section allows you to customize the text content of your emails. To make changes, you may need to use short codes that have been provided by MC List. These short codes are listed beneath each corresponding text box and can be utilized as needed.

5. Email Plain/HTML Footer #

From this section, you can change and personalize the footer of each email.

6. Preview #

In this section, you can preview your email in real time, which means that any changes you make will be immediately reflected in the preview. This allows you to see the final result of your modifications before sending out the email.

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