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Wishlist Counter

The Wishlist Counter page in the MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin settings allows you to customize the appearance of your wishlist counter. You can choose which menu to display the counter in, select an icon, and customize the text and style of the counter and its associated features.


1. Add Counter to Menu #

This setting allows you to choose which menu you want to display the wishlist counter in. You can select from a drop-down menu of options.


1.1 Counter position (Menu item order) #

With this setting, you can change the position of the counter in your menus by entering the order you want it to appear in.



2. “Wishlist” Counter Icon #

This option lets you choose the icon that will be used for your wishlist counter. You can select from a variety of default icons or upload your own custom SVG icon.


3. Show “Wishlist” Counter Text #

By enabling this feature, you can display a custom text beside your counter icon.


3-1. Wishlist Counter Text #

Type your desired text for displaying beside your wishlist counter icon. For example, you could use text like “My Wishlist” or “My Favorites”.


4. Show number of products in counter #

This option enables you to show how many products have been added to users’ wishlists.


5. Hide Zero Value #

By enabling this option, the counter won’t display the “0” number when the user’s wishlist is empty.


6. Products Number Position #

With this setting, you can decide whether the counter number should appear on the left or right side of the counter icon or top-right or left-right on icon.


7. Display Mini-Wishlist for Counter #

When you check this option, the counter dropdown won’t be displayed when you click on the counter icon. Instead, a mini-wishlist will appear.


8. Counter Style #

This setting lets you style your counter menu. You can customize the icon color, icon font size, font weight, and text color.


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Updated on May 23, 2023
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